General Monitors, the brand synonymous with process safety and reliability in combustible, flammable and toxic environments, has announced the acquisition of Denmark’s Gassonic A/S and further expanded the capabilities it is able to offer customers for their gas detection requirements.

Gassonic A/S is regarded as a worldwide leader in the manufacture of fixed ultrasonic gas leak detectors and was the first company to develop an ultrasonic gas leak detectors, with over 10 years experience in both offshore and onshore installations.

A statement on the General Monitors website confirms, “The acquisition of Gassonic fits well with our aim to provide a full range of solutions modelled on the human senses. The addition of ultrasonic gas leak detection technology expands our capabilities to offer the best solution to our customers for their total gas detection requirements.”

The newly acquired company will operate as Gassonic, a General Monitors company and technology integration is seen as improving safety effectiveness.