Texas-based Gas Innovations ® has developed electrolytic technology to change the scope of carbon monoxide (CO) production.

The specialty gas supplier has unveiled eCOs – a new fuel cell technology which allows safe and efficient production of carbon monoxide (CO) for on-site facilities.

The CO-generation device was developed by Danish company, Haldor Topsoe, and will use feedstock carbon dioxide (CO2) and electrical power to produce copious amounts of CO.

The technology provides high levels of purity, producing CO at 99.5% assay with minimal contaminants. eCOs also has customisation options that can produce gas with 99.999% purity. 

Gas Innovations’ eCOs unit is now in operation at its Texas facility, allowing it to fill cylinders. The company is planning to lease out the eCOs modules within the first quarter of 2016, enabling larger-scale operations to produce their own CO, on an as-needed, on-site basis.

The aim is to reduce costs related to transportation, storage, rentals and connections and to provide a new level of access and affordability of industrial specialty gas. The development is also significant to the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industries, which require CO in a vast amount of their processes.