Gas Innovations, the Texas-based hydrocarbon and speciality gas supplier has executed a truck loading agreement with Sunoco Logistics to supply ethane from Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania to the rest of the world.

In September, Gas Innovations will provide truckload quantities of high purity cryogenic ethane from Sunoco, a partner of the Energy Transfer LP family. Gas Innovations will supply North American customers by cryogenic tankers and will provide cryogenic ISO containers for the rest of the world. Gas Innovations will fill high-pressure tube trailers, ISO modules, and cylinders from this source as well at their La Porte, Texas facility.

North America is rich in ethane and until now, the non-pipeline and non-ship load markets have been constrained due to lack of available and consistent supply. As more ethane is liquefied for shipping, truckload supply of ethane will be available for the many applications requiring trucks, ISO containers, and cylinders.

Many of these ethane applications may require a test or demonstration prior to major investments in pipes, ships, or massive storage solutions. These temporary, portable, and short-term requirements will now have a solution with truckload supply.

Ashley Madray, Vice-President of Gas Innovations says, “we are proud to be the first to haul cryogenic ethane by truck and look forward to an exciting future with ethane.”