Linde North America has revealed it is supplying green hydrogen to fuel BMW Hydrogen 7 Series cars driving from Portland, Maine, to Los Angeles, California this month as the companies are two of 11 participants in a US project.

The national road tour is organised by the US Department of Transportation and Dept. of Energy, along with two industry associations in the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the National Hydrogen Association (NHA).

The tour will make multiple stops in 17 states plus the District of Columbia and is aimed at raising awareness of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel and the need to develop a US hydrogen energy infrastructure.

Linde and BMW are just two of the 11 companies taking part in the promotional scheme, with the US’ Air Products also participating and supporting the tour with its hydrogen refuelling technologies.

Speaking of the German group’s involvement, Mike McGowan, Head of Hydrogen Solutions for Linde North America, commented, “Linde was one of the earliest entrants into the hydrogen energy arena. We helped develop a safe and reliable hydrogen infrastructure technology, already in use in many places around the world and we’ll help do it in the US.”

“Linde is an expert in designing and delivering hydrogen refuelling technology. We believe our participation in this tour will prove that it’s practical for average citizens to drive hydrogen cars and refuel easily,” said McGowan, who is also the recently elected Chairman of the NHA.

The green hydrogen Linde is supplying for the event is produced at the company’s plant in Magog, Quebec, derived from water and produced using renewable hydroelectric power.

For its part, Air Products’ mobile hydrogen fueller technology is based at the Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey for two days as it fuels the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles venturing into New York City as part of the tour.

Air Products is the leading supplier of merchant hydrogen to the refinery industry, to assist in the making of cleaner burning transportation fuels, and has placed a majority of its hydrogen fuelling station technology in 17 states within the US.

Actively supporting the tour project, Air Products’ General Manager for Worldwide Equipment for Air Products, Tom Mutchler, explained, “Air Products supports the ideals of the Hydrogen Tour ’08. We have been involved with so many demonstration projects in the US and around the world.”

“We have worked closely with all the automobile manufacturers on the tour and applaud the dedication they have shown to hydrogen enabled cars. At the same time, we have been integral to the advancements in hydrogen storage, compression and fuelling technology.”