Witt Gas has revealed that it has received an order for 16 x KM 300 gas mixers for one of the UK’s leading fresh produce packers, for use on their packaging lines and due to be delivered and installed during August.

The KM 300 range of gas mixers is designed for automated flow packing machines and continuous packaging lines in the food industry and meet ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001 approval. They also meet the new ISO 22000 approval.

Features of the mixers for use with N2, CO2 and O2, include not being affected by pressure fluctuations in the gas supply and the speed of the packing line. Also, it has a capacity range up to 717NI/min monitoring the gas supply by means of pressure switches; if the inlet pressure is too low, an audible alarm sounds and automatically switches a potential free contact to shut down the line.

They are easy to operate having either a proportional mixing valve or single mixing valves each with a control knob and percentage scale, depending on the model required.

Carl Long, General Manager at Witt Gas said, “The KM range of gas mixers is one of our most popular gas mixers used by the food processing industry and this order for one of the UK’s largest fresh produce packers represents a continuing confidence in this product.”