Sierra Instruments’ new qMix gas mixing software is, for the first time, allowing oil and gas engineers to field adjust their gas composition on thermal mass flow meters in the field for flare, Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), and storage vessels without sending the meter back to the factory for recalibration.

The new software package is included with every QuadraTherm 640i/780i thermal mass flow meter on a beta trial basis.

It is a unique feature of the Smart Interface Program (SIP), unlike anything available on the market for industrial mass flow meters, Sierra says.

qMix is a user-customizable gas mix feature that allows oil and gas engineers and operators to create custom gases or gas mixtures to compensate for gas compositional changes in the field without accuracy loss.

This means oil or gas engineers can easily meet US EPA Directive 40 CFR Part 98 for shale gas upstream production operations since they can use qMix when the gas composition changes in the pipe, or when moving the meter to another location with a different gas composition.

Customer benefits

Traditionally, thermal mass flow meters are calibrated using the exact gas mixture they are intended to measure, or a surrogate mixture with very similar properties.

In many industrial applications, however, such as oil and gas and biogas measurement, the gas composition changes from the original calibration and the accuracy of the flow meter can be adversely affected.

With the QuadraTherm with qMix gas mixing software, end-users are able to field adjust and maintain flow meter accuracy if the gas composition changes – avoiding costly recalibration.

Users can also quickly create and upload unlimited gas mixtures onto one meter free of charge, as well as saving custom gas mixtures onto a personal ‘My Gases Database’ for later use, and benefiting from Sierra’s proprietary, ever-improving qTherm ‘Gas Database’ to download more accurate gases.

Sierra is, therefore, hailing the QuadraTherm 640i/780i with qMix as the ‘perfect solution’ for challenging shale gas upstream production applications.


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