Chemviron Carbon, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of activated carbons, has made a substantial investment to further develop its Ashton-in-Makerfield site in the UK, as part of a major European investment programme.

The newly installed state-of-the-art facility, located next to the company’s European Research and Development Centre, will operate round-the-clock producing respirator carbons for use in air and gas purification.

The company produces impregnated carbons - speciality products that have been pre-treated to purify the air for workers on chemical plants, for use in breathing apparatus for emergency services employees and many other specialised applications.

Chemviron Carbon’s European Business Development Director, Allan Singleton, explained, “We are already a leader in the field of activated carbons and this latest investment means that we can dramatically increase our capacity and further reinforce our market position, allowing us to meet the increasing demands from our customers going forwards.”

“The first mention of porous carbons for use in purification dates back to ancient Egypt thousands of years ago and there are now around 600 applications ranging from water filtration to food and pharmaceutical uses. One of the major applications for activated carbon is in municipal drinking water treatment plants and, on a smaller scale, in household water filter jugs – perhaps its most recognisable use.”

“There is, however, a growing need for specialised respirator carbons to purify the air from harmful chemicals and gases,” Allan concluded.

Chemviron Carbon is the European operation of Calgon Carbon Corporation, a global manufacturer, supplier and developer of activated carbons, treatment systems, technologies and services for optimising production processes and safely purifying the environment.