Offering interactive learning and a range of insightful workshops, Gas Safe is clearly keen to promote safety within the gases industry.

Safety is something of a topical subject following the recent gasworld conference, and a fundamental factor that should not go overlooked in the gases industry.

In response to a market requirement for specialised safety training in the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of industrial, laboratory, cryogenic, medical and special gases, a dedicated safety training company was founded – Gas Safe.

Founded by experienced gases industry professional Terry Broughton in 1991, Gas Safe Consultants Ltd is committed to providing high quality, relevant and professional gas safety awareness training.

Regarded as the UK market leaders, the company trains a diverse range of companies and market sectors with clients ranging from companies with just a couple of gas users, to multi-site, multi-national conglomerates.

So prominent is the Gas Safe brand, that Terry Broughton will this year be a guest speaker at this year’s British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) conference following a well received presentation at the first UKLPG Conference last year, promoting safety in the industry.

Terry explains, “For a number of years I have offered myself as guest speaker to Regional Safety Groups. The feedback is always very positive, in some instances leading to Gas Safe becoming training providers for new clients.”

Gas Safe provides Instructor-led workshops, delivered by highly skilled, industry trained, experienced course directors, focusing delegates on the consequences of adopting poor working procedures when using gases and associated equipment.

The company places great emphasis on the use of interactive and team-based learning modules within its workshops, which are designed to be both practical and thought-provoking.

With delegate numbers kept to an optimum level to ensure full participation and involvement, Gas Safe training shows gas users how to operate in line with best operating practices and in accordance with relevant Codes Of Practice, Guidance Notes and Legislation.

Each workshop allows participants the opportunity to benefit from knowledge sharing and from learning with individuals who have similar gas related experiences, while all workshops include graphic case studies of real incidents that resulted from poor working practices.

Such an approach ‘raises an individual’s awareness of the hazards associated with the use of both compressed and liquefied gases’, the company says, and how to approach risk assessments in real world situations.

In order to maintain its position as market leader and serve clients needs effectively, Gas Safe continues to update its workshops and add fresh methods of delivery in response to customer requirements.

Newly-forged and nurtured relationships with gas and equipment suppliers also bring the company’s services to a much wider audience.

Interactive learning
Keen to embrace new methods and techniques, the team at Gas Safe has introduced and developed a range of practical workshops to meet the client’s needs and provide their employees with ‘hands-on’ training.

This training is coupled with the provision of generic Standard Operating Procedures, in the form of workshop literature.

Furthermore, Gas Safe introduced Refresher Workshops in 2007 that have been designed to test a delegate’s retention of knowledge in an interactive manner. The true/false delegate papers facilitate self-assessment of knowledge retention and provide the opportunity for managers to record individual performance.

Increasing performance and efficiencies further still, the introduction of e-Learning via Gas Safe Interactive provides a convenient, flexible, cost effective method of delivering training – a method that is easy to audit and can fit into the busiest schedules at times which suit workload.

In order to provide a comprehensive service for its customers, both new and existing, partnerships have been adopted that allow the company to offer a wide range of gas related services to help customers comply with legislation such as PSSR.

Ian Constable, General Manager, has become Gas Safe’s resident ‘expert’ on PSSR – something that has proved to be an issue that the industry finds very confusing! In addition, Gas Safe Gear is able to supply quality gas control equipment; regulators, flashback arrestors, hoses and torches plus other safety items such as cylinder trolleys, oxygen monitors and leak detection fluid.

Demonstrating the company’s keen approach and commitment to safety, Terry explained on behalf of the Gas Safe team, “We look forward to working with you to ensure that hazards within the workplace can be identified, risks correctly assessed and workable solutions found.”