Gasco Affiliates, LLC has expanded its EcoSmart line of environmentally friendly precision gas products with the launch of the EcoSmart 44.

The latest addition to Gasco’s line is a standard 34 litre cylinder that can contain 44 litres of precision calibration gas. The new EcoSmart 44 features 29% more gas than the traditional 34 litre unit, and as such reduces the cost per litre while also extending the life cycle of a standard 34 litre cylinder.

Thomas Hanway, Gasco President, described how the new cylinder reflected the firm’s wider plans to innovate. He commented, “EcoSmart 44 refillable cylinders will enable distributors and end users to not only secure precision gases at lower costs, but to also eliminate disposal fees and regulatory paperwork while supporting sustainability goals.”

The EcoSmart 44 is equipped to hold either pure gases or gas mixtures; furthermore it has been approved for safe transport by the Department of Transportation.

Gasco utilises an exclusively designed, reinforced 34 Litre aluminium alloy cylinder and applies its proprietary manufacturing process to increase the gas pressure both safely and efficiently. Consequently, the 34 litre cylinder is able to hold 10 additional litres of calibration gas. Rendering it more environmentally friendly still, the EcoSmart is a refillable cylinder and consequently creates both financial and environmental benefits.