Precision calibration gas manufacturer Gasco has announced the release of the ecoBump, a returnable 4-inch-tall cylinder for convenient bump testing or checking of single and multi-gas monitors.

Gasco described it as ‘not only an essential tool for the widest range of applications’ but also a ‘desirable’ tool.

Founded in 1999, Gasco is a leading producer of precision calibration gas, and already offers the ecosmart™ product line, based upon a process that essentially allows customers to return their empty cylinders to Gasco either in bulk collection or via a returns service at (at no cost to the customer), whereby they are checked for quality and either reused or recycled

Gasco sees reusable cylinders as becoming the dominant force in the specialty/calibration gases business, and President Brad Hanway told gasworld last year, “The ecosmart™ programme allows for a much cleaner and less wasteful environment. The world has obviously become aware of the consequences of not being as green as possible, and ecosmart™ allows this to happen.”

Tenacity in calibration gases

The company sees the introduction of the ecoBump as the next step in this green thinking, as well as enhancing safety and convenience in the workplace.

The ecoBump easily fits into a glove compartment or apparel pocket for maximum convenience, while it is also equipped with a new push button regulator – simplifying the process involved with large cylinders, traditional regulators and HAZMAT charges. The ecoBump pocket cylinder is generally equipped with a four-gas mix that can achieve a proper bump test within three seconds, providing over 250 bump tests per unit. Its rugged design also adds versatility and confidence on the job site.

“EcoBump encourages users to routinely verify instrument accuracy – per OSHA standards. Its convenient size and its returnable feature make it not only an essential tool for the widest range of applications, but also a desirable tool,” said Hanway.

“The addition of ecoBump, to our ecosmart™ product line, is another example of our commitment to ease the jobs of our customers, keep workplaces safe and maintain a healthier planet.”


Gasco has been on a path of particular progress in the last few years, flourishing in the specialty and calibration gases space and the subject of an acquisition by fast-growing multi-regional player Tech Air at the start of the year.

No limits: Exclusive interview with Gasco

Hanway exclusively discussed the acquisition with gasworld soon after its completion and explained that there is now no limit to what the company can achieve. “The bright future of ecosmart™ [Gasco’s proprietary range of reusable cylinders] and Gasco has already been realised but now – with the new plans we have for our company and the product line – there really is no limit to what we can achieve,” he enthused.

“Gasco has continued to grow at an astounding rate and has not slowed a bit since the acquisition. We feel that if we continue to listen to the needs of the customer and continue to be the industry leader in innovation, service and quality, there is no limit to what this organisation can become. This team here in Florida and in Texas is so driven to be the best at what we do, there is no other outcome conceivable but success.”