Hot on the heels of this month’s calibration gas report, Gasco Affiliates, LLC, has unveiled its newest space-saving cylinder.

The ‘66’ offers 66 litres of precision calibration gas, but contains this in a space and cost efficient cylinder that is 40% smaller than a standard 58-liter cylinder. Available in both standard disposable and EcoSmart refillable formats, the new 66 features 10% percent more gas than the standard 58-liter cylinder but is identical in size to a 34-liter cylinder.

Gasco uses reinforced 34 litre aluminium alloy cylinders and can apply its space saving solution to both pure gases as well as gas mixtures. However, the real magic lies in the company’s exclusive manufacturing process, which both safely and effectively increases gas pressure. As a result, the cylinder is able to hold an additional 8 litres of calibration gas than a comparable 58-liter cylinder, but in a cylinder that is 40% smaller.

Tom Hanway, Gasco President was keen to outline the full series of similar cylinders on offer. He said, “Gasco continues to lead the industry with exclusive, innovative technologies that are designed to enhance the user experience by offering a 66 litre cylinder, which provides the user with the option to refill, and delivers a better per litre price.$quot;

Hanway added, $quot;Four years ago we introduced our EcoSmart 116-litre refillable cylinder, followed with Bump-It, our handheld unit for bump testing or checking single gas monitors. And most recently we introduced the 44 – a 34 litre cylinder that carries 44 litres of gas in both a disposable and EcoSmart refillable format.”

The new '66' is approved for safe transport by the Department of Transportation and will be available from distributors this May.