Air Liquide has announced it is to be a technical partner of French explorer Jean-Louis Etienne’s latest scientific expedition, in which a specific piece of data regarding climate change will be recorded.

As part of his new expedition Total Pole Airship, intrepid explorer Etienne is going to measure the thickness of the icecaps on board a dirigible airship inflated with helium.

Air Liquide’s support and involvement with Etienne is long term and the company proudly participates in the new adventure.

On the 26th September 2007, Air Liquide filled up the expedition’s airship with around 5,000 m3 of helium gas at Marseille airport. Throughout the voyage the company’s engineers will provide expertise and scientific proficiency to guarantee the control of the helium in the airship’s balloon, including analysis, top-ups, recycling and refills, and will also secure an extra source of helium directly to the North Pole.

Air Liquide has also provided fuel cells, hydrogen and equipment for the Mission Banquise in 2002 and the Expedition Clipperton in 2004, for which the preservation of samples collected at Clipperton Island, Air Liquide delivered liquid nitrogen at -196ºC to the middle of the ocean.

As a technical partner of Etienne’s expeditions, Air Liquide is contributing to the better understanding of the reasons behind climate change and the potential solutions to this problem for the future.