has launched its new ecommerce portal which allows its global customers to search and purchase a variety of sensors and accessories.

The site currently covers gas sensors, but with the update, will soon supply flow, temperature, humidity, pressure and a variety of other sensors and devices.

“Ray and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to service and sell a vast array of sensors, devices and accessories into these markets,” said Irene Hicks, CEO of

“Our 50+ years of combined experience in the gas detection industries have demonstrated a need from our customers to offer clear technical information and purchasing the ability all in one place.” 

“When we layer in the unique attributes of the free GasLab® software, we know we have made the customers’ path to information and purchase vastly simpler.”

“For any sensor type, electro-chemical sensors, flow, temperature, liquid level etc., we have searched the industry to collect multiple vendors and sensors,” said Ray Hicks, President of

“We then test each one, confirm all specs and develop clear documentation. Once we select the best sensors, they are integrated into out GasLab Software. We do the sensor research, selection and testing, so you don’t have to.”

Initially, GabLab will focus on offering replacement EC sensors for OEM and Safety products, while also focusing on oxygen applications. GasLab hopes to further expand into a wide variety of gas and sensor types.

“True to its mission, GasLab prides itself on the commitment to serve customers worldwide, by providing next-day delivery, in-depth technical support and exceptional customer service,” Hicks concluded.