GasLab Inc. has released a low-oxygen safety monitor that holds a sensor capable of measuring potentially dangerous oxygen levels in freezers and other low temperature applications.

Source: GasLab

The RAD-0002-ZR Low Oxygen Monitor and Alarm provides cryogenic facilities, laboratories, food industry freezers, and similar low temperature environments with the ability to monitor oxygen levels down to -40°C (-33.8°F) in enclosed areas without calibration or maintenance for up to 10 years.

“In creating this device, we gathered critical feedback from some of the largest industries in the market,” GasLab CEO Irene Hicks said.

“Our goal was to develop a safety monitor that would exceed even the most rigorous of temperature requirements. The RAD-0002-ZR provides customers with the ability to ensure workplace safety in enclosed spaces while monitoring up to 100% nitrogen in low temperatures.”

GasLab, a Florida-based provider of oxygen and other inert gas detectors and sensor technologies, said the zirconium oxide sensor ensures greater longevity under normal operating conditions. Also, each sensor includes both audible and visual alarm indicators, allowing the end user to be instantly notified before they enter an oxygen deficient area. In the event of a potential hazard, the monitor will set off an alarm, with flashing lights and can trigger a fire control panel to alert users to evacuate the area.

The zirconia oxide sensor allows customers to use a single system when working with storage cylinders of nitrogen, argon, ammonia, chlorine, propane, nitrous oxide, helium, argon, and many other gases. The device holds a zirconia sensor which is an accurate, long-life solution that ensures no false alarms and no cross-sensitivity to critically low temperatures, which can be difficult to find in other systems.

GasLab designed the RAD-0002-ZR specifically around customer feedback and says the low oxygen zirconia monitoring system will ensure employees, customers, and establishments are protected via a digital display, 4-20mA analog output, and feature 3-user customer configurable alarms which meet OSHA codes confined space regulations.

Hicks added, “Customer feedback was incredibly prominent in the design of this new and advanced low oxygen monitoring system. Working with our customers’ overall needs and requirements has further strengthened our lead within the cryogenic space. Whether the application be cryotherapy, cryostorage, pharmaceutical, food preservation, fabrication, or food and beverage, GasLab continues to be viewed as a highly credible manufacturer for providing best-in-class devices, incomparable support, and true customer responsiveness.”