Nordic energy company Gasum has inked an LNG bunkering deal with Rotterdam shipping company Samskip.

Samskip owns two single fuel vessels Samskip Kvitbjorn and Samskip Kvitnos powered entirely by LNG.

Under the new agreement, these two vessels will bunker at Gasum’s LNG plant in Risavika, Norway.

Located just 200 metres from the quayside, fresh and cold LNG can be bunkered swifty and safely directly from the plat through a loading arm.

Gasum is also supporting Samskip’s door-to-door-logistics on land and at sea.

“Bunkering LNG in Risavika is a great asset to us and vastly improves our bunker network. We are looking forward to developing our relationship to gain further benefits from Gasum’s products and services,” said Samskip CEO Kari-Pekka Laaksonen.

Samskip Kvitbjorn and Samskip Kvitnos perform liner shipping between Rotterdam and Norway, travelling all the way to the Europe’s most northern town Hammerfest.

The vessels are high-capacity and ocean-going and work on a regular route with fixed schedules.

Equipped with Rolls Royce single fuel LNG engines, which is still quite rare, the vessels have earned several award nominations for the progressive technology.

“We are proud to be part of the bigger change in shipping industry and to have these performant vessels taking LNG just outside Gasum office windows,” said Gasum’s Jacob Granqvist, Sales Director for Maritime.

“I’m also happy that loading in Norway confirms our competitiveness in the North European LNG environment.”