Dutch gas network operator Gasunie yesterday opened the HyStock green hydrogen plant in Veendam, near Groningen.

Officially opened by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, the plant is the first step in creating the hydrogen supply chain of the future.

It converts one megawatt (MW) of sustainable electricity to green hydrogen and is the first to apply this process on a serious scale, Gasunie said.

The company aims to achieve large-scale and profitable storage of hydrogen in the company’s EnergyStock underground gas storage facilities in the near future.

The hydrogen can then be used as a sustainable source of energy, including when solar and wind energy are unavailable.


Source: Gasunie

“Hydrogen is a key element of the energy supply of the future,” explained Han Fennema, Gasunie’s CEO.

“The HyStock hydrogen plant is the first specific step towards really making an effort to achieve the required further growth in the use of sustainable hydrogen throughout the chain, from production to usage.”

“We will be able to make part of our existing infrastructure suitable for the transport and storage of hydrogen by 2030.”

“This sustainable reuse of the existing gas network will help to keep our energy supply reliable and affordable.”

ITM Power supplied the 1MW PEM electrolyser system which will use renewable energy and water to generate hydrogen.

The electrolyser is located at EnergyStock’s Zuidwending salt cavern storage facility in northern Netherlands, and the generated hydrogen will be either used on-site or dispensed into tube trailers for supply to future hydrogen refuelling stations.

Professor Roger Putnam CBE, Chairman of ITM Power, who attended the opening ceremony, commented, “Hydrogen is a key element in the transition to a fully renewable energy system; we now need immediate political and industry action to accelerate the adoption of renewable hydrogen.”