It is with great pleasure I acknowledge the 200th issue of the gasworld magazine. This has been a very interesting and rewarding venture not only to those that have presented these well-produced magazines, but to all those that read them and benefit from the ability to get the information they need to do their jobs on a daily basis.

The global nature of the gases business provided an opportunity to produce such an informative magazine that would both educate and inspire its readership on what is happening in the industry, as well as what it means to the industry companies and stakeholders – and those that represent the customer base of this ever-expanding spectrum of gases and applications.

This trend continues today at a rapid pace, as we have seen of late for products in all emerging businesses and their applications. This is particularly impressive given there are few new products, a nuance itself given to the fact that gases for the most part are elements – and we know it has been over 100 years since a new element or molecule emerged. Yes, some gases sold are compounds as we know, but these gases have evolved in the ways they have been manufactured, purified and packaged as gas, solid and liquids, along with their counterparts in high purity composition.

Back to this milestone…What I have seen over these 200 issues is the ability of gasworld not to just affirm what is going on in the industrial space, but to truly inform its readership to help those grow in what they can and should do. We are now emerging into the thoughts of hydrogen as a green fuel for the future; we have also seen the new opportunities in the medical applications; we are well-versed in the potential that exists in 3D printing, electronic devices and semiconductors, to name but a few. My friends at gasworld have kept up and led the way to inform us of the new norms ahead of us, which has long been a great help. I look forward to the next 200 issues and the path we all will be on given some of these exciting new applications for the existing elements – and any new compounds we can produce.

Thank you gasworld team, and please continue to be the information source we need in these difficult times of Covid and to be there too, to inform and keep us all on the right track to the new future for the gases business.

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Source: gasworld