The eager anticipation is over and proceedings are underway at the gasworld Eastern Europe Conference 2010, currently in-progress in Kiev, Ukraine.

Gasworld and many delegates alike have traveled over the foothills of the Carpathians and into the heart of Eastern Europe for the event.

Further still, there are many more attendees who have traveled from less further afield; of the conference’s more than 120 delegates, over 45% are East Europeans.

And for all those keen to indulge in the spirit of collaboration, as East meets West, today’s agenda doesn’t disappoint.

Kevin Murphy, gasworld’s very own Business Development Manager, ensured the event made a swift start with his introduction and opening speech.

Alluding to the spirit of unity and mutual cooperation, he welcomed, “Dobre Pogelovat! Welcome. I would like to personally welcome you all to the fifth gasworld conference.”

“This is our first conference in Eastern Europe and we thank all those of you from Russia, Ukraine and many other countries in the region for attending.”

“We also welcome a wide variety of international delegates that have travelled from afar – from the US, India and Europe.”

“This is truly what we wanted, to provide a forum for Western and Eastern delegates to mix, discover each other, network and learn up-to-date business & operational practices within our industry. As our conference motto states – debate, discuss, converse.”

This was swiftly followed by the opening comments of UA-SIGMA’s Georg K. Lavrenchenko, Chairman of the conference’s first session. He enthused, “Good morning ladies and gentleman. I’m very proud to be the chairman of the first session of the conference.$quot;

$quot;I would like to welcome you to the gasworld conference from UA-SIGMA and all in Eastern Europe. This is a fantastic conference for us all in Eastern Europe.$quot;

He added, $quot;It is a great honour to welcome the speakers for the first session. I wish you all the best and hope that the conference will strengthen the contacts in the gases business between East and West.$quot;

Titled The Gases Business in Eastern Europe, Session One discussed the trends, dynamics and business climate in the region.

Presentations include The Historical Development of Industrial Gases in Eastern Europe courtesy of Lars Timner, and The Current Day Market and Trends by Spiritus Group Managing Director, John Raquet.

Timner encouraged, $quot;In my opinion: you have to knowledge and you have to have a strategy. And you have to demonstrate ambition, I think at AGA we had drive and ambition to see the strategy through.$quot;

$quot;You have to select the team and provide the support, giving them proper training and giving them support. And finally, you need the capital for investments – that much, all of us know!$quot;

$quot;I am pleased to see that the international companies are committed to contributing to the market development in Eastern Europe.$quot;

Spiritus Group's Raquet later added, $quot;First of all, we have a vast land mass in the CIS, it’s a huge market. The region clearly is a region of opportunity. That’s my belief and I also think there are many companies out there that feel the same.$quot;

$quot;What will drive this region forward? The global demand for metals will raise the development of steel aluminium, copper and zinc in this region. Oil and gas; there’s higher demand for both, both from within and from the global market.$quot;

He concluded, $quot;The important thing is that this region is attracting the major players and one of the significant benefits from these players is the key toolkit – knowledge, know-how and application. In summary, I believe that there is a strong growth ability for this region. We [Spiritus] forecast growth of around 15% per year for the next ten years.$quot;

Keep a close eye on the gasworld website throughout both days of the conference, as we provide live updates and the latest daily news stories from the event.

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