gasworld is delighted to announce not only the successful launch of H2 View, a new content and information service dedicated to the development and acceleration of the hydrogen economy, but also the arrival of its first print edition.

H2 View ( is committed to exploring a future where hydrogen is a key solution for the global energy transition.

Built around three core pillars of mobility, power and technology, it provides the platform for news, views and analysis throughout the hydrogen energy supply chain.

As gasworld readers will know, the hydrogen economy is the concept of using hydrogen as a low carbon fuel, replacing mankind’s current dependence on fossil fuels. It is proposed as part of the future low-carbon economy and is most visibly represented in the form of mobility, with hydrogen fuel for powering cars, buses, boats and forklifts. Various industries are now realising the benefits that hydrogen energy or feedstock could bring in decarbonising their operations, however, and the momentum for a hydrogen economy is accelerating beyond expectations.

gasworld therefore felt the time was right to recognise this progressive space and, with its unrivalled expertise and intelligence in this subject, launched a dedicated new platform in the form of H2 View, as Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill explained.

“Naturally, we’ve been closely following the development of the hydrogen energy sector for some time. We’ve watched as the market has broken the chicken and egg scenario that it was once beset by, and we felt the time was now to launch a whole new platform for this business and play our part in advancing the cause,” he said.

“With H2 View, hydrogen has a new voice in the discussion around the clean energies transition, a voice that we believe has been lacking for some time. H2 View is devoted to pressing home the progression in hydrogen technologies, championing the challenges and opportunities the hydrogen energy sector faces, and the exciting vision of the future that it affords.”

“These discussions are imperative, and the need to raise awareness to hydrogen and its future role has never been stronger. That’s exactly what H2 View sets out to do.”


Launched online in July (2019) to great acclaim from the hydrogen and end-user community, H2 View has now passed another milestone with the publication and delivery of its first ever print edition, arriving on reader’s desks in the coming days.

Cockerill enthused, “It’s an incredibly proud moment for us all to see this in print and see all of our hard work pay off. We hope the readers feel the same way! I think it’s also a sign of the strength of the gasworld brand and team that we have not only successfully launched H2 View, but we have this first print edition here in our hands and the determination to keep improving with every passing week.”

Publishing Director Martyn Hammond added, “We’re delighted to have launched H2 View so successfully and to see it come to fruition in print too. The team have done an amazing job to make this happen and long may that continue. We firmly believe in the role of hydrogen in the clean energies transition, and we’re excited to be a part of that journey.”

The expertise and authority of the H2 View team is backed up by an Editorial Advisory Board of key stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain, including two representatives from the Hydrogen Council, a global CEO-led initiative of 60 leading energy, transport and industry companies with a united and long-term vision to develop the hydrogen economy.


Source: H2 View

H2 View: A new platform online and in print

H2 View was established in July 2019, with the aim to be the must-read service for the ever-growing hydrogen economy globally.

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