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About Us

gasworld is the focal point for global industrial gas news, views and intelligence” – a mission statement we’ve upheld since 2003.

We provide current and topical news on our industry leading media platform, as well as hosting globally recognised events and providing in depth market analysis via our Business Intelligence unit.

Our ever-evolving brand and products ensure that we’re the authoritative voice keeping you at the forefront of the industrial gas world.

How can I stay on top of the industrial gas news?

We offer four primary ways to stay on top of the latest industrial gas news: our website, magazines, newsletters and social media.

  • gasworld.com provides you with 24/7 access to the latest industrial gas news from anywhere in the world and lets you browse by region or topic. Become a subscriber to access exclusive interviews, features, analysis and other value-added content, as well as all past issues via our digital archives.
  • gasworld Global and US Editions are only available to our subscribers, visit the subscription page for further information.
  • gasworld newsletters cover a variety of topics and are available in weekly and monthly offerings, allowing you to tailor your news updates for a more personalised experience. Our newsletters cover Global and North American news, speciality gases updates and more, so no matter your interests, there’s sure to be a newsletter for you.
  • gasworld social media lets you stay up to date with all the latest and best happenings at in the industrial gases industry and in the gasworld team. Connect with us via our social channels: LinkedIn, Twitter - @gasworld and Facebook.


gasworld Global

gasworld Global magazine is a monthly publication that provides leading insight into the industrial gas sector via its monthly themes.

Our top-tier content is created by our talented journalists and backed by gasworld’s Editorial Advisory Board. Each issue is packed with breaking news, exclusive interviews with key industry leaders and market intelligence.

gasworld US Edition

gasworld US Edition reports on all the latest happenings in the North American industrial gas sector.

It is the most read publication on the industrial gases business across North America, covering the health of the North American industrial, medical and specialty gases industries through fair, accurate and timely reporting.

Global Industrial Gas Directory

Whether buying or selling, producing or distributing, our Global Industrial Gas Directory is the go-to guide for industrial gas equipment and services.

It’s the service that started our company back in 2003 and it remains a vital part of gasworld’s offerings, whether online or in print, the world of industrial gases is here at your fingertips!

North America Buyer’s Guide

The North America Buyer’s Guide provides an easily searchable database of industrial gas suppliers, services and equipment companies across North America.


This heavyweight annual showcases the top news of the year, with stories that are handpicked by our specialist team and collated by subject.

An industry first, the Yearbook offers a detailed look into the most influential news, as well as delivering intelligence and trend analysis from all areas of the industrial gas sector.


Founded in 2003 by John Raquet, gasworld started life as a web portal for global industrial gas news and information. It quickly became apparent that there was appetite for a print publication and our first magazine, gasworld Global, was launched soon after in April 2005.

gasworld went on to host its very first event in 2007, an industrial gas conference in Dubai, under the theme of “Middle East: The New Industrial Frontier”.

The Business Intelligence unit of gasworld was launched in 2011 and was then expanded upon in 2013, with this department and its reports heavily cited in the merger of equals between Germany-based The Linde Group and US-based Praxair, Inc.

Our family of publications was added to once again in 2013 when gasworld took over CryoGas International, a US-based industrial gas journal and opened its US office in Hopkinton, MA. The CryoGas magazine was re-branded as gasworld (US edition) in 2016 to more closely resemble the gasworld brand.

In 2018, the gasworld Yearbook was launched to showcases the top news of the year, as well as delivering intelligence and trend analysis from all areas of the industrial gas sector.