Bill Visintainer, the current President of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) organisation, welcomed all 670 delegates to its Spring Management Conference, running from 3rd-5th April in Savannah, Georgia.

At the welcoming, Visintainer introduced GAWDA’s Vice-President, Ned Lane, to provide an update on recent activity within the organisation. Lane revealed that over 70% of GAWDA’s gas distributor members reported revenue sales of less than $10m in the past year, and stated that the committee will review what these companies need from GAWDA in the future.

Additionally, after the largest interest from its associates, the committee announced it will reform its HR committee in order to increase its volume of international members. Mark Raimy, the President Elect, said that five new members had been added so far this year.

Following this, Raimy went on to reassure that one of the most important services GAWDA provides is its consultative supports on safety and FDA issues, with Visintainer announcing that GAWDA will survey more to capture internal results, in order to assess its feedback and action change.

The gas distributor members section accounts for up to 57% of GAWDA’s total membership - amounting to 289 companies to date. The President stressed its strong relationship with the Compressed Gas Association, as well as announcing its goal to increase membership by a further 20 businesses by the end of this year.

GAWDA’s Annual Convention will be held in Maui, Hawaii, from 25th-28th September 2016.