Gazprom said on Friday that production at its giant Amur Gas Processing plant in southeastern Russia has not been impacted by a fire.

Source: Gazprom

Amur gas processing plant

The Russian company produces natural gas as well as helium at the Amur gas processing plant (GPP) and progressively stepped up helium production over the summer at the GPP.

A spokesperson for Gazprom told gasworld, “Gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline continue, the volumes comply with partner’s daily requests. The main technological equipment of the Amur GPP remains safe and secure. The integrity of the production chain was unaffected.”

According to media reports, the fire started after the decompression of plant equipment and no one was injured.

The GPP will produce 60 million cubic metres of helium per year when it reaches design capacity in 2025, when Gazprom claims it will be ‘the global leader in helium production’. In June, Gazprom announced it had started the second train at GPP.