GCE Healthcare has announced the European launch of its online monitoring platform Clarity Connected Care on its Zen-O lite™ portable oxygen concentrator (POC).

The launch is a significant milestone in GCE’s strategy to enable connectivity on the Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite portable oxygen concentrators.

GCE successfully introduced the Clarity on the Zen-O in the US in 2018 and launched the same combination of connected devices in Europe earlier this year.

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“Making Zen-O lite Clarity available in Europe extends the coverage and reach of Clarity on connected Zen-O and Zen-O lite POCs to the US, Europe and the rest of the world,” said Donald Oleforo, GCE’s Group Product Manager of Homecare.

“It will give even more home oxygen providers operational and usage information about device performance and the ability to offer enhanced customer service at lower operating costs.”

Clarity uses smart, secure cellular technology and GPS in connected POCs to transmit data, so home oxygen providers can see how well the POC is performing 24/7, from any online device anywhere.

Providers can then direct resources where they’re most needed and predict maintenance while supporting patients in adhering to their prescription.

The information made available through Clarity includes oxygen purity, usage history, device location, flow and device alerts, and battery life.

Providers can also extend remote access to the platform to patients and their families, so they can see usage history and how the connected Zen-O or Zen-O lite is performing.