GCE Healthcare has announced the launch of the Zen-OTM portable oxygen concentrator (POC) – the first product to be developed by its new Innovation Centre in St Helens, UK.

The unobtrusive Zen-O is a lightweight oxygen therapy device that weighs in at 4.66kg (10lbs) and can be carried in a carry bag or pull cart, lending itself to the homecare market in particular.

Its portability makes it easier for patients living with lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to get out and about and receive oxygen when they need it most.

Mike Galvin, Managing Director of GCE Healthcare, explained, “The Zen-O gives patients the means to remain mobile and carry on living their lives independently. It is one of the few mobile oxygen therapy devices to be manufactured in the UK and is the first of a number of focused products we want to bring to the homecare market in future under our own brand name.”

As well as delivering mobility to patients, the Zen-O is easy for home oxygen providers to maintain.

Zen-O concentrator

Source: GCE

“All concentrators have parts that wear and degrade. We have designed sieve beds that can be changed at the patient’s premises, without having to be returned to base, and this will significantly lower the cost of ownership,” added Galvin.

Zen-O is commercially available and comes with a three-year device warranty or 15,000 hours of total use warranty. Zen-O was rigorously tested by an internationally recognised testing facility.

The device is the latest in a range of medical gas solutions manufactured and distributed by GCE Healthcare, which was formed in 1987 and is part of the GCE Group. At its aforementioned new Innovation Centre, GCE Healthcare’s team of dedicated engineers combine their expertise and experience to develop high-quality innovative products.