GEFERTEC GmbH and Linde AG have entered into a joint research project to investigate the influence of the process gas and the oxygen percentage on 3DMP ® additive manufacturing technology.

3DMP® combines the arc welding method with the CAD data of the metal parts that are to be produced. The technology uses wire as its starting material. The near-net-shaped part of formed welding layer by layer.

Near-net-shaped part after 3D printing

Near-net-shaped part after 3D printing


After 3D printing, the part can be further machined by conventional milling. For larger parts, this technology is faster and more cost-effective compared to other methods based on powered as original material.

GEFERTEC has been offering machines with the industry standard 3DMP® technology since 2017. The new methods are interesting for aerospace industries, where expensive materials are used.

Another partner in the research project is MT Aerospace AG, which will perform the mechanical tests on the produced parts. The 3D-printing will take place at the additive manufacturing laboratory of Fraunhofer IGCV (the fourth co-operation partner) where GEFERTEC installs the 3D-printing system.

GEFRTEC and Linde work closely together in the field of 3D printing. While GEFERTEC offers the arc machines, Linde’s worldwide distribution network supplies the process gases.