Israel-based GenCell Energy, a manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions, has announced the installation of a hydrogen-based GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS (uninterrupted power supply) at The Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre.

The new fuel cell, installed in the cardiac catheterisation unit, represents Israel’s first fuel cell used within a hospital environment. The GenCell G5 ensures power continuity within the unit for optimal patient care.

The project executed together with healthcare service provider and GenCell’s medical market distributor, Medtechnica, signifies an important step for medical and other public service institutions seeking to transition to clean energy. 

The G5 solution is set to optimise operations in the Intensive Care Coronary Unit (ICCU), where long, complex catheterisation procedures involving sophisticated equipment require imaging devices and computer peripherals with high power load demands.

“From the start of testing we have been impressed by the GenCell G5’s flawless performance. In addition to its measurable contribution to smooth equipment operations, the reliability of regular power now enables our staff to carry out medical procedures with full confidence and peace of mind – undoubtedly, this has resulted in better patient care and personnel well-being,” said Ronen Edry, Chief Engineering at The Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre.

The GenCell G5 is now regulating energy for all the cardio-catheterisation medical operations, reducing patient disruption, improving care, and in extreme conditions, minimising the likelihood of power issues resulting in risk-to-life.

“We are proud that the Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre is leveraging our hydrogen-powered fuel cells to ensure the smooth operation of its cardio-catheterisation unit. Not only is the facility maximising the uptime of its specialised equipment and avoiding costly repairs, it’s also reducing the dependency on diesel to protect the environment,” said Gil Shavit, GenCell President and Chief Business Development Officer.