GenOx Transportation Inc. driver Daniel C. Phillips recently received the Driver of the Year Award from the Texas Trucking Association (TTA).

The award is presented to the driver who has exhibited an outstanding deed of heroism or highway courtesy, an outstanding contribution to highway safety, and/or a long record of safe and courteous driving.

The driver must have an exemplary driving record and represent the best aspects of the driving profession.

Phillips clearly ticked those boxes for the TTA, having been a professional driver for 46 years, and kept a clean record with no accidents or tickets while traveling six million miles cross-country. He commented, “I made a promise many years ago that when I leave home I’m going to come back the way I left. I’ve fulfilled that promise.”

Upon learning of Phillips’ award, GenOx President and CEO Kevin Mathews said, “What an honour to have one of our drivers, especially someone I’ve known for over 20 years, win the Driver of the Year award from the Texas Trucking Association. Dan is a great reflection of our culture at GenOx. He is a good, professional customer-oriented individual.”

“We have many safe drivers who want to be just like Dan in attaining 46 years of safe driving.”

Earlier this year, GenOx – founded in 2001 – won the Fleet Excellence Safety Award from the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) for outstanding safety performance in bulk transportation.

The company transports LNG and a range of cryogenic industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and helium, and notes that it invests heavily in the safety and comfort of its drivers.