UK-based analyser manufacturer Geotech has launched a new carbon dioxide (CO2) analyser to help maintain the accuracy of incubator gases in IVF clinics.

Delivering CO2 readings in less than one minute, the portable G100 enables quick verification and validation of gas levels in incubators and is used throughout the world by embryologists, lab technicians and stem cell researchers.

Geotech g100

Geotech G100

Source: Geotech

The G100 includes a built-in gas moisturize removal process that protects the instrument from water ingress and dual temperature probes to stabilise conditions within the incubator.

At a molecular level, embryos are extremely sensitive to contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so the quality control of the air and equipment that comes into contact with embryos during the IVF process is crucial.

Atlanta-based IVF clinic Reproductive Biology Associates’ (RBA) began using Geotech’s device in a bid to improve its overall success rates for clinical pregnancy and implementation.

As a result, Clinical Embryologist Thomas Elliot said that the RBA clinic had been able to eliminate the risks of toxicity and inaccuracy compared to previously used CO2 analysers. He stated, “Ultimately, we are highly satisfied with the G100 as not only is it portable, it is also fast and easy to use, and its measurements are reproducible. The G100 can also be used to measure O2 levels, which is an added advantage for us.”

The G100 is being used globally by medical and research industries.