The Gerhart Group of companies, with its corporate headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has announced the formation of a new industrial gas-dedicated division, Gas Technologies.

Gerhart is a major distributor and manufacturer of scales, from micro precision laboratory to heavy duty truck scales, and has been in business since 1929.

The addition of Gas Technologies follows Gerhart’s desire to offer technology solutions to new markets. This new division will focus on technology-based equipment and services to both the cryogenic and industrial gas markets.

With locations in Allentown, South Amboy, Painted Post, and Albany, the US’ Gerhart essentially operates three divisions: the Services Group, Weighing Equipment Group, and Process Solutions Group.

The Services Group performs installation and field calibration services on a wide variety of industrial process equipment, while the Process Solutions Group is a systems integrator and offers advanced technologies to many industries wishing to control and automate processes.

Now added to this successful organisation of services is the Gas Technologies division, intended to offer technology-based equipment and solutions to the cryogenic and industrial gas market and its customers. Managing the division will be Jim West, who has 22 years experience in the cryogenic, industrial, and specialty gas industries.

Speaking of the addition to the group, CEO Stuart Cattel said, “The addition of Gas Technologies to the Gerhart group of companies is a truly welcomed progression for us. We are excited to bring new innovative products that add value to the cryogenic, industrial and specialty gas industry, allowing customers to run more efficiently while utilising the newest technology.”

“Material handling, filling and data collection will be our primary focus, to allow customers to better understand the value behind efficiency and control loss of product.”

The new Gas Technologies (GT) group is cited as a ‘natural progression and fit’ into the Gerhart group of companies, and has a strict focus on the gases industry. GT will offer the latest technology to cryogenic, industrial and specialty gas production, in a way that results in cost savings through controlling losses, labour efficiency, product validation, and quality improvements.