The biogaspartner project, a collaboration of industry partners in the biomethane industry and the Deutsche Engergie-Agentur, has built a new biogas pipeline that can bundle the raw biogas supplies of up to 48 biogas plants across Germany.

The 45-kilometer long pipeline will transport the renewable energy source to a central upgrading plant at the Bitburg commercial, service and leisure centre area “Flugplatz Bitburg”.

From there, the biogas will be refined to biomethane, a natural gas equivalent renewable alternative and fed into the gas grid. 

The biogas plant network in the region has potential to produce around 10,000 cubic meters of raw biogas per hour. Since May 2020, an initial seven plants have been sending 1800 cubic meters per hour of biogas to the upgrading plant.

With this volume, a good third of the annual natural gas demand of the nearby district town of Bitburg (population of 14,000) can be covered.

The processing plant comes from the CHP and biogas upgrading specialists ETW Energietecknik in Moers and is based on its ETW SmartCycle® PSA technology.

“In the module, up to about 1800 cubic meters of raw biogas are upgraded every hour by removing carbon dioxide and other undesirable elements, converted into biomethane and finally fed into the natural gas grid of the Trier public utility company,” said Oliver Jende, Sales Manager at ETW Energietechnik GmbH.

The plant consists of a total of four containers, in which the PSA units, the vacuum pumps, the compressors and the entire instrumentation of the system control are accommodated. 

“It also contains a comfortable control room from which not only the treatment plant can be operated but also the already connected and future biogas plants can be monitored,” Jende continued.

“During the planning stage, we have already provided for the possibility of being able to adjust the future capacity at any time to the expected growth of the agriculture biogas plants.”