Voltaix LLC, a specialty high purity gas supplier, has been selected by XsunX to supply manufacturing quantities of its germane gas, used in the thin-film photovoltaics (PV) company’s tandem solar cells.

XsunX is currently refurbishing an existing 90,000 sq. ft. building in Oregon to start volume production of its thin-film solar modules and the deal with Voltaix will apparently see the company enhance efficiencies of design.

Tom Djokovich, CEO for XsunX, highlighted the significance of the specialty gases and the benefits for the company as he said, “The use of germane allows XsunX to improve the efficiencies of our tandem solar cell design and we are very pleased to be working with Voltaix, a recognised leader in the production of germane gases.”

“As with the balance of our preferred vendors for various components and materials necessary for our TFPV manufacturing system, we’ve found Voltaix’s experience and knowledge very helpful as we progress with the build-out of our thin film photovoltaic solar manufacturing facility.”

Similarly, Voltaix Senior Vice President Mike Pikulin commented, “Voltaix is looking forward to continuing our technical collaborations with XsunX. With more than 20 years of germane manufacturing experience, we are pleased that our technical insights will contribute to the successful production of improved efficiency solar cells.”