Using hydrogen to advance the energy transition is the goal of the GET H2 initiative.

The GET H2 initiative consists of RWE Generation SE, Siemens, ENERTRAG, Stadtwerke Lingen, Hydrogenious Technologies, Nowega, Forschungszentrum Jülich and the IKEM Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Energy Mobility, all companies aiming to use hydrogen to advance the energy revolution.

As a first sub-project, the partners are planning to set up a hydrogen infrastructure located in the Emsland that links the energy, industry, transport and heat sectors along the entire value chain.

With the first project, the companies have participated in an idea’s competition organised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour “Reallabore der Energiewende”. The competition allowed each company to submit a project outline to the Federal Ministry of Economics, a decision from the ideas is set to be made by the end of June. 

The project hopes to go into concrete implementation in two years time.

The core elements of the project are the construction of a power-to-gas plant with a capacity of 105 MW, which converts electricity from wind power into ‘green hydrogen’, the transport and storage of pure hydrogen in existing infrastructures and the use of hydrogen.

“The decisive factor now is not only to test the technology in small R&D projects, but also to bring it to series maturity with largest projects in a holistic approach,” said Jörg Müller, Managing Director of ENERTRAG. 

“The project has the potential to give the go-ahead for a hydrogen infrastructure for Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, which can provide decisive impulses for a Germany- and Europe-wide hydrogen infrastructure,” Müller continued.

“This is a worldwide unique project to show the way to a sector coupling with green hydrogen on an industrial scale. In particular, the economical use of existing infrastructures as well as the re-electrification of 100% hydrogen in a gas turbine of the 60 MW class make this a unique demonstration project for power generation,” said Professor. Dr. Thomas Thiemann, Head of the Energy Transition Team at Siemens.

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