Work is underway in Karachi, Pakistan, where young and progressive company Ghani Gases is focusing its efforts on the installation of a new 110 tonnes per day (tpd) liquid gas plant.

After completing the set-up of its first industrial gas plant in Lahore earlier this year, Ghani Gases is now switching its attention to the development in Karachi, where it is establishing another state-of-the-art gas production plant.

Ghani Gases is aiming to become the largest industrial and medical gas producer in Pakistan and would appear to be emerging as progressive competition in the Asia gases business, typically dominated by The Linde Group’s BOC and other respected gas groups.

The company has gained customer confidence by providing a complete back-up solution from its plant in Lahore and gasworld understands from a source close to Ghani Gases, that it has seen solid progress in the healthcare and merchant market.

The Lahore plant is manufacturing liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon gases, which are supplied to local hospitals, steel mills, oil & gas companies, pharmaceutical companies and other industrial units. The company has also set-up a distribution network throughout the country and has appointed experienced agents.

Furthermore, Ghani Gases is prepared for the country’s power problems too. Given the sometimes erratic electricity shortages in Pakistan, the company has set-up its own 8MW power generation system as an alternative provision. Ghani Gases is thought to be the only company in Pakistan with its own such power plant, both in Lahore and soon to be in Karachi too.

The company is now placing emphasis on its 110 tpd Karachi site, where work is underway and the plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2010.

Part of the Ghani Global Group, a renowned glass company in Pakistan, Ghani Gases Limited was incorporated during November 2007 as a private limited company. The company has its sights set on the manufacture of carbon dioxide and other medical and industrial gases in the future and notes that the ‘setting-up of a carbon dioxide plant with a capacity of 18,000 tons per annum is in the pipeline’.