Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President and CEO of Air Products, has been awarded the Chemical Marketing and Economics (CME) Leadership™ for Lifetime Achievement.

Confirming the achievement on Wednesday (28th April), Air Products said Ghasemi will be honoured at a reception and gala on 7th December (2022), in New York City. 

Previously, CME announced Ghasemi’s nomination for a STEM Leadership Award in its “Outstanding Global Growth” category, citing his track record of creating financial growth and strong work cultures that support diverse STEM talent.

In December 2022, CME will bestow its prestigious Lifetime Achievement award, reflecting Ghasemi’s visionary leadership at Air Products and his decades-long career running highly successful companies.

On his recognition, Ghasemi added, “When you are in the business world for decades, a few things become crystal clear. First, the only sustainable competitive advantage a company has is the dedication and commitment of its people.”

“Second, creating a culture where people can fully contribute―where they feel they belong and matter and their contributions are valued―is how you build an environment for everyone to thrive.”

“And finally, when talented people come together, work together and innovate solutions to major energy and environmental challenges, they serve a higher purpose and play a significant role in making our world a better place.” 

“It is an honour to be recognised by CME, whose initiatives and STEM programs are driving these same ambitions – demonstrating to young people that they do make a difference by working in chemicals, materials and life sciences fields to help solve the challenges facing humanity.”

Ksenia Takhistova, Co-Chair of CME, added, “Mr. Ghasemi’s record of achievements has been breathtaking in financial returns, creating an inclusive, winning team and supporting programs for diverse STEM talent. His dedication enables the next generation of STEM professionals to participate in the company’s success.”