Biofuel specialist GIDARA Energy and Linde Gas subsidiary OCAP have been granted a sustainable energy transition subsidy scheme (SDE++) worth up to €110m euro for carbon capture and distribution at the Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) facility in the Netherlands.

The SDE++ grant scheme is designed to help the Dutch Government hit net zero carbon dioxide (CO2) targets by 2050 by providing companies with financial assistance depending on the renewable energy produced and the technology used to produce it. 

By doing this, the Government hopes to ensure that a nationwide 55% reduction of CO2 emissions remains on track by 2050. 

Following the conversion of 180,000 tonnes of local non-recyclable waste that is currently being incinerated, AMA will produce around 90,000 tonnes of renewable methanol, resulting in a minimum of 84,000 tonnes of green CO2 that will be captured and distributed to greenhouses by OCAP. 

“The grant is good news for the entire advanced biofuels industry as it is likely to attract further investments and stimulate the drive towards making The Netherlands a leading nation within the field of renewable energy production,” said Chris van der Zande, VP Strategy & Innovation, GIDARA Energy. 

By combining captured green CO2 with renewable heating sources such as geothermal heating, greenhouses can reduce their use of natural gas and improve their total carbon footprint. 

Stating that the transferral of non-recyclable waste into methanol is a ‘great contribution’ to the environment, Jacob Limbeek, CEO, Linde OCAP, added, “By going one step further and capturing the CO2 from this process to re-use it in greenhouses makes this project even better.”