The World Biogas Association (WBA) will be hosting key international online conferences centred around the opportunities offered by biogas and the energy transition.

This follows a pledge made last week between the US and EU to deliver a 30% cut in global methane emissions by 2030, a significant step towards meeting the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Taking place on 28th September of this year, the series of events will kick off with the ‘Open House’, which will launch working groups to identify and develop solutions relating to hurdles faced by the biogas industry.

Another event, entitled ‘Biogas: Opportunities in India’, will be hosted by the WBA on 7th October alongside the Indian Biogas Association.

The final event of the biogas series will be co-hosted with the World LPG Association. Focusing on the commercial opportunities of renewable gases, ‘Biogases: Driving the transition from fossil to green’ will take place on 13th-14th October.

According to the WBA, over its first 10 years in the atmosphere methane has about 86 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide (CO2), emphasising the importance of addressing issues and solutions around biogas use.

Stating the urgency with which the international energy community must act, Rick Duke, Co-Chair, UN’s Climate & Clean Air Coalition, said, “There is nothing else that can help to control the climate crisis as quickly.”

Details about signing up to the event can be found here.