The Global CCS Institute is intensifying its efforts to communicate the benefits of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a key climate change mitigator, through the appointment of new advocacy and communications positions.

The Institute announced the appointments of Antonios Papaspiropoulos as Global Lead, Advocacy and Communications, and Jake Lynn as Senior Advisor, Advocacy and Communications, Americas.

The new incumbents will be based in the institute’s Melbourne and Washington DC offices, respectively, the organisation said.

CEO Brad Page added that Papaspiropoulos and Lynn are proven communicators with extensive experience in national and international advocacy roles within government, media and multinational organisations

Underlining the importance of these skills and roles, Page said, “Advocating and communicating the need to embrace CCS technology is a vital component in meeting the world’s targets for mitigating global warming at least cost.”

“As it stands, we are going to overshoot the Paris Agreement 2ºC temperature targets if CCS is not deployed alongside renewables and other energy efficiencies.”

There are 15 large-scale CCS plants operating globally with another seven under construction, including one in Australia, according to the institute. A further 18 are at various stages of planning around the world.

CCS is a reality in the power sector with a large-scale CCS power project operating in Canada and two more coming on line in the US, said Page, adding, “CCS is the only technology that can achieve deep emission reductions in the industrial sector – steel, cement, fertiliser production – which contributes 25% of global CO₂ emissions.”


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Source: Global CCS Institute

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