Proudly speaking at the Gala dinner hosted by gasworld at its African Conference 2008, Global Gases insists it is committed to the African industrial gases market, highlighted by both its strong presence at the conference and the company’s recent commissioning of its third helium transfill facility, located in Cape Town, South Africa.

The glamourous Gala Dinner, sponsored by Global Gases, provided the perfect finale to a hugely successful opening day of the conference and attracted a great deal of attention from most delegates.

As sponsors of the event, Global Gases took the opportunity to make a short speech during the evening and recently appointed Business Development Manager Logie McKay, addressed the audience with a rousing, humorous few moments behind the microphone.

Commending gasworld for a resoundingly successful and popular conference event so far, McKay also found time to underline the dedication on Global Gases to the African industrial gas market and said, “Global Gases is totally committed to Africa and the recent start-up of our helium facility in Cape Town is a further sign of that.”

In April, the company confirmed it had fully commissioned its third helium transfill facility in Cape Town, South Africa – adding to sister sites in Dubai and Singapore.

Managing Director and CEO Deepak Mehta, also in attendance at the gasworld conference from 10th – 11th June, said at the time of the announcement, “This is our third helium transfill after Dubai and Singapore and the group is very well positioned to supply wider geographies in Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa Diving contractors.”

Logie McKay had delivered a presentation earlier in the day, of the global dynamics of the helium market and his carefully chosen words at the Gala Dinner evening that followed will no doubt have reinforced the company’s commitment to the continent’s gases market.