Dubai-based multinational industrial gases company Global Gases Group ( has announced further major investments in its helium filling operations.

Global Gases is a major - and expanding - supplier of helium products to the US Department of Defense in the Middle East.

Global’s MD and CEO Deepak Mehta told gasworld, “We are proud and privileged to have been the chosen supplier to US Defense for the delivery of helium products for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last five years.”

“With the planned expansion of military operations in Afghanistan, we were asked by US Defense earlier this year to supply dedicated helium supply filling facilities in Afghanistan under Global Gases’ competitively-awarded helium supply contract.”

“Our engineering team,” Mehta continued, “responded extremely quickly to the request to design and build a range of special equipment packages to meet the US Defense specifications for future operations. We have now installed the first helium transfill in Afghanistan and are now starting the supply of the gas products required, which include gas filling modules, gas packs, and gas trailers.”

Global presently has helium filling plants in Cape Town, Singapore, Perth, and Dubai and has been supplied with bulk liquid helium by US-based MATHESON since 2006 (

Discussing Global’s growing footprint around the world, Mehta concluded, “in addition to our current operations, we are actively planning to expand our helium supply capabilities to support our customers in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. There will be further announcements on additional helium transfills very soon. Alongside its ambitious pursuits in helium markets, the organisation is committed to sustainable business practices. The company’s Health, Safety, and Environment management system is on a par with global standards.”