The Global Gases Group, headquartered in Dubai, has further expanded its growing presence around the world with the opening of its new Perth-based operation in Australia on 9th October 2009.

As part of its aggressive expansion strategy, the plant opening was well attended by a number of key market players in the region and represents the company’s fourth helium transfill facility globally.

Global Gases specialises in supplying helium-based gas products for the medical sector and for offshore diving and welding operations. The new plant will operate Western Australia’s only liquid helium-based fill facility and enable the company to supply diving and welding gases to Australia’s offshore operations, as well as deliver liquid helium for MRI and NMR customers.

The new facility has already received delivery of its first liquid helium container, courtesy of helium supply partner Matheson Tri-Gas (MTG), and the Perth site is seen as an integral step in expanding the company’s operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Global Gases Group Managing Director and CEO, Deepak Mehta, said the move was in recognition of the strength of Australia’s growing demand for its specialist products. He said, “It’s a major investment and commitment every time we open a new facility.”

“Our move was based on the present and anticipated amount of project development in Australian waters. We want to be where the market is and be able to deliver efficiently the highest level of service demanded by our offshore customers. We have recognised that Australia probably has one of the highest safety standards in the world and we are grateful to the local regulatory bodies in Western Australia for assisting and facilitating our efforts to achieve our goal of setting up this world class facility.”

Mehta also alluded to the group’s rapidly growing footprint and noted that Global Gases will be announcing, in the coming months, further new facilities globally.

At the Perth opening ceremony, the company’s guests enjoyed a celebratory dinner at which diners were read a welcome message sent by Phil Kornbluth, Executive Vice President of MTG Global Helium, Global Gases helium supply partner.

Kornbluth said, “MTG is excited about Global Gases’ continued growth and the opportunity it gives our businesses to grow together.”

Dr. Roy Irani, Global Gases’ gas cylinder packages safety advisor was present at the opening ceremony and said that safety is the number one priority for the company.

Ultrasonic testing has been adopted as standard across the group and 300 bar working pressure cylinders are routinely offered to customers to offer higher gas storage volumes for only marginally increased package weights, he added.

Established in 2002, the Global Gases Group operates diving, welding and speciality gas facilities in Dubai, Singapore, Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur. It presently supplies the entire Middle East, South East Asia, Indian sub-continent, West Africa, Maghreb, Mediterranean, Australasia and the Caspian Sea.