After initially revealing the story on the gasworld website back in December, Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. and Global Gases & Chemicals Dubai have jointly announced an agreement to form an exclusive specialty gas marketing alliance in the Middle East and a state-of-the-art specialty gas production facility is due to be set-up in Dubai by Global Gases.

The announcement originally came during a reception and dinner hosted by Global Gases at the gasworld Conference in Dubai on 12th December 2007, with further details of the deal now officially made clear.

Under the arrangement, the two companies will cooperate to market specialty gases to customers requiring valued added products and services in oil/petrochemical, environmental, energy, laboratory, and other market segments. Under the umbrella of Matheson Tri-Gas' Global ENABLE Program, which provides technology, know-how, and marketing expertise in the field, specialty gas products will be produced, marketed, and sold under the dual brands of Global Gases and Matheson-Tri-Gas. A state of the art Specialty Gas producing facility is also planned to be set up by Global Gases in Dubai, it has been revealed.

Deepak Mehta, managing director of Global Gases & Chemicals, commented, “We are very proud of our association with the TNSC Group. Combined with the recent entry into an exclusive helium supply agreement with Matheson Tri-Gas for the Middle East, this exclusive new partnership in specialty gases has greatly added to our company’s growth prospects. We intend to become a marquee provider of industrial gases, specialty gases, and helium throughout the Middle East. Matheson’s Global ENABLE Program adds more breadth to our offering for both global and regional customers in the Middle East.”

Rick Kowey, executive vice president & general manager of Matheson Tri-Gas' Global Specialty Gas Group, stated, “We are very pleased to see that the ENABLE Program, which we started with regional distributors in the US, has now taken hold in the Middle East.”

“We see the alliance between Global Gases and Matheson Tri-Gas as a significant step for the two companies in terms of capitalizing on the growth opportunities in the Middle East,” Kowey added.

The new ENABLE agreement builds on an existing business relationship between Matheson Tri-Gas and Global Gases, as Matheson Tri-Gas has supplied Global Gases' bulk liquid helium requirements since January 2007, under an agreement which gives Global Gases exclusive rights to distribute Matheson Tri-Gas’ helium in the Middle East. Global Gases has already achieved a significant market share in the Middle East as a result of this agreement.

Matheson Tri-Gas also supplies Global Gases' helium requirements at its Singapore and Cape Town transfills under this agreement.