Following the signing of an exclusive agreement in December last year, Global Gases Dubai has begun to repackage and distribute helium supplied by Matheson Tri-Gas in bulk liquid form.

Founded by Deepak Mehta in 2002, Global Gases Dubai has developed into a healthy business focusing on the supply of argon and services to oil and gas exploration and drilling companies in the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and African offshore energy fields.
Currently owning 26 ISO tanks for liquid argon service, the company's helium sales growth will come in two main areas. These will involve selling helium to existing customers of argon, nitrogen, chemicals, services in the energy industry, diving gases and expansion into the supply of liquid helium used to cool down the superconducting magnets that are an integral component of MRI systems.

Mr. Mehta has high expectations for his recently launched helium business, as indicated when he said, $quot;Helium was my first love in the gases business. It's the business I grew up in, and I am so happy to be back in it - especially with the brand name and global capabilities of Matheson Tri-Gas and Taiyo Nippon Sanso behind me.$quot;

Kurt Koederitz, Director of Operations for Matheson Tri-Gas Global Helium, travelled to Dubai to provide technical assistance at Global Gases's helium transfill facility, and commented, $quot;Global Gases already has a very solid, capable organization, and they are only getting better. Their display at the show attracted a lot of interest, and I expect that they will soon be off to a great start in the MRI helium supply business.$quot;

Global Gases is a member of IMCA and supplies Pure Helium and Diving Helium Mixtures to 300 bar pressures. Global Gases will commence Liquid Helium supply for MRI customers in August 2007