Global Helium has entered the US helium market space, with the company on Wednesday (18th May) confirming the acquisition of a ‘very large position’ in a helium-proven geological structure in Montana.

Known as the ‘Pale Rider’, the acquired structure includes 17 ‘highly prospective’, contiguous square miles on a known helium prospect, which has been known to previously produce and test 1.2% helium.

It is believed the acquisition is the first of several that can be expected by Global Helium in the North American market as it looks to become one of the largest helium producers in the US.

Wes Siemens, President of Global Helium, said, “We are beyond excited about our initial entry into the US and the multitude of opportunities that our team is evaluating to continue our aggressive expansion in North America.

“Months of technical work and negotiations have finally resulted in our first step into the US on a structure with proven helium production. We have concurrently advanced our Saskatchewan areas to the drill ready stage, which is a testament to the strength and depth of both our asset base and the Global team.”

In addition to the above action in the US, Global Helium has also said it is going to expand its already 1,500,000-acre position in Saskatchewan, Canada, where total royalties are less than 5%.