Global Helium has expanded the size of its Lawson Prospect in Saskatchewan, Canada, from 6,400 acres to 17,000 acres.

The company on Wednesday (Oct 6) also said it has completed the geological integration of all seismic shot, purchased and reprocessed in the Vermilion Hills area of southwest Saskatchewan.

Seismic is used to find structures which are potential subsurface traps for helium.

Eight kilometres of new seismic data was shot over the structure and Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) analysis indicates the potential for thick reservoir rock in the lower part of the Deadwood Formation, the company’s primary drilling target.

The AVO amplitude response is 9,600 acres in size with structural closure up to 17,000 acres.

On the news, Wes Siemens, President of Global Helium, said, “We are very pleased with the quality of the seismic, processing and the AVO interpretation of this new data.”

“By combining modern science with old, publicly available data, we believe the Lawson structure may be two to three times larger than we envisioned when we first acquired the permit.”

Global Helium is the sole owner of over 668,000 acres of prospective helium permits in the heart of Saskatchewan’s helium runway, home to the majority of Canada’s helium reserves and production.

Helium has been tested and produced here in concentrations of up to 2% since the 1960s.