As a result of several recent acquisitions, Global Helium now owns beyond 1.2 million acres of land in Southern Saskatchewan for its helium exploration activities.

Confirming its footprint just days after the Government of Saskatchewan launched its Helium Action Plan, in which the province said it wants to supply 10% of the global helium market share by 2030, Global Helium said it is still actively engaged in adding prospective acreage monthly.

Wes Siemens, President of Global Helium, said, “We continue to advance our strategic priorities which include expanding our Saskatchewan land holdings, evaluating our land base to advance several prospects to the drill stage and identification of other prospects across North America.”

Global Helium’s currently landholdings are in Saskatchewan’s “helium fairway”, home to most of Canada’s helium reserves and productions. The region’s helium reserves have been tested and produced in concentrations of over 2% since the 1960s.

Siemens continued, “I look forward to providing updates on our extensive geoscience programme over the coming weeks and months. We are excited to be undertaking such a large assessment of our three core areas.”

“The combination of multiple technologies will give us the best resolution and information upon which to make technical and operational decisions. Our programme is expected to produce several drill-ready prospects and advance a number of other prospects closer to drill-ready stages.”