Global Helium is now one of the largest helium-focused landholders in North America, with the firm having announced the acquisition of additional acerage in Southern Saskatchewan’s helium fairway, located in Canada.

The move advances Global Helium’s 100-owned acreage to over 1.5 million acres. Canada’s second largest landholder of helium rights, Global Helium pays royalties of less than 5%, yielding greater than 95% net revenue interest.

Southern Saskatchewan’s helium fairway is home to most of Canada’s helium reserves and production where helium has been tested and produced in concentrations of over 2% since the 1960’s.

Wes Siemens, President of Global Helium, said, “We continue to advance or strategic priorities, which include expanding our Saskatchewan land holdings in Canada, using geophysical and other technologies to evaluate our land base to advance our prospects to the drill stage, and identifying and capturing new opportunities in the US.”

“We are very pleased with our progress in all of these areas, and we look forward to making several announcements on these areas and we look forward to making several announcements on these fronts in the coming months.”

As gasworld heard in an interview with Bronwyn Eyre, Minister of Energy and Resources for the Saskatchewan Government, back in September, Saskatchewan has the fifth-largest helium resource in the world with significant underground reserves with some attractive geology.

Further to that, the province currently has ten producing helium wells and Minister Eyre told gasworld the province’s ambitious goal is to eventually surpass 150 wells.

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Global Helium’s total landholdings across all three core areas in Saskatchewan to 621,261, and the company is still actively looking for additional acreage.