Swiss pressure regulation and flow control expert Gloor Medical has released a new flow controller for high flow oxygen therapy that boasts flow rates of up to 80 litres per minute (l/min).

As an alternative to conventional oxygen therapy, high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) oxygen therapy is used to increase oxygenation during procedures such as bronchoscopies, acute respiratory failure, or in situations where patients do not tolerate invasive ventilation methods.

HFNC can also be used to provide increased carbon dioxide (CO2) clearance by the washout of dead space, improving comfort and end-expiratory lung volumes (EELV.

The design phase of the 80 l/min flow controller.

The design phase of the 80 l/min flow controller.

Source: Gloor Medical.

The method uses an oxygen and air mix that passes through a humidifier to avoid condensation before moving onto a heat inspiratory circuit. A nasal cannula then allows the mixture to be administered to the patient.

Gloor’s SWISS optio jetflow allows the administrator to control the flow rate via flow selector with no need to consider whether the floating ball should be above, below or in the centre of the marking.

Containing no plastic, the full-metal design of the device allows a higher resistance to damage, reducing the need for potentially costly repairs.

The optimised design of the 80 l/min flow-rate flow controller means that the device has a service life of 18 years, with a mandatory overhaul after 9 years of use.

Family-owned Gloor designs and manufactures devices across multiple industries, including medical gases, food & beverage, and shipbuilding.