Global vehicle manufacturer General Motors is to premiere its GM HydroGen4 fuel cell car at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, it has been revealed.

The vehicle is General Motor's European Version of its Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell model and it has also been announced that ten of the cars will undergo tests in Berlin, commencing in 2008.

According to General Motors Europe, this development is further proof of the firms progress in the fuel cell arena and that its $1bn investment in such technology is producing results.

Carl-Peter Forster, president of GM Europe, highlighted the commitment of the company to producing environmentally friendly products as he said, $quot;A vehicle's CO2 emissions are an important parameter, but by no means the only measurement of its environmental compatibility.$quot;

$quot;That's why we are not restricting ourselves to the production of single, eco-friendly prestige objects,$quot; Forster added.

The Frankfurt Motor Show will be held in September.