With another welding & cutting fair successfully over, both exhibitors and visitors agreed on the quality of the products and services on offer. The increased demand in the exciting welding show 2005 triggered transactions worth over a billion euros and put exhibitors and visitors in the best of moods.

The six day international trade fair, which takes place at Messe Essen every four years, has clearly highlighted its leading international position as the world's premier international joining technology fair.

According to the organisers’ initial conclusions, by the end of the 16th show, the exceptionally lively course of the fair gathered a record number of international visitors and reflected a growing optimism with a healthy volume of contracts concluded.

Exhibitors presenting their range of welding, cutting and coating technologies showed that they were very pleased with the course of the fair. They emphasised in particular the higher number of foreign guests, which had risen by four percent to around 50 per cent and the total number of 61,100 trade visitors.

One in five visitors placed an order at the fair

It was primarily the visitors' greater interest in investment, which contributed to the positive good mood amongst the exhibitors. More than one in five visitors placed an order at the fair for machines, tools or consumables and over half of the visitors are planning to convert the information obtained into definite investment decisions after the fair.

The most valuable sales reached a total value of 600,000 euros. The top deal revealed was the sale of a welding technology production line from an Italian manufacturer to an Italian company for 40 million euros. Industry sectoral experts estimate that, all in all, investments made and planned at the fair will trigger orders worth considerably more than one billion euros.

Number of Eastern Asia guests quadrupled

There has been a visible revival in both domestic and foreign demand. From the 30,000 foreign visitors, approximately eleven percent came from Eastern Asia and the increase in the number of visitors from Eastern Europe was noticeable as well.

The numbers of visitors from Africa, Australia and North, South and Central America also rose compared to the last \\$quot;Schweissen & Schneiden\\$quot;.

Special events

For the first time, suppliers in the field of industrial adhesive bonding technology presented themselves in an independent fair section.

\\$quot;The interest of the visitors has shown that adhesive bonding technology has developed into an interesting joining process similar to welding, brazing and soldering,\\$quot; said Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß, the director Bremen Adhesive Bonding Technology Institute of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Materials Research.

Prof Dr Groß continued: “The structural bonding international (SBI) concept is to be extended at the next \\$quot;Schweissen & Schneiden. Quality testing international (QTI) where attention focused on measurement technology, materials testing and quality assurance for the second time also met with a great response. The \\$quot;innovation forum\\$quot; showed reports on the latest results and applications of the cooperative research in joining technology.”

No real trademark or patent infringements

In the 2005’s show, trademark and patent infringements occurred in just a handful of cases and only one case might be leading to the exclusion from future participation in the fair.

According to the organisers, the information campaign launched well in advance and experienced mediators in competition law who were able to achieve amicable agreements almost without exception, influenced the low number of infringements.

Those exhibitors concerned in such infringements immediately removed their product copies from the booths and signed, in part, more far-reaching declarations of discontinuance.

2009: 95 per cent of the exhibitors will return

The organisers’ statistics speak for the fair’s success. 95 percent of this year’s exhibitors are interested in taking part to the fair in four years time and 87 per cent of the visitors said they would come back to Essen in 2009.

At the end of the 2005 fair, Prof. Dr. Detlef von Hofe, the executive member of the board of DVS - the German Welding Society as well as Dr. Joachim Henneke and Egon Galinnis, managing directors of Messe Essen, expressed their gratitude with a compliment to the exhibitors. \\$quot;An absolutely top-class, impressive presentation. Our exhibitors have lent particular sparkle to the most international fair in Essen.\\$quot;

The scheduled dates of the next \\$quot;Schweissen & Schneiden\\$quot; global fair in Essen are 14 – 19 September 2009 in conjunction with SBI (fair for structural bonding) and QTI (forum for measurement technology, materials testing and quality assurance).

Messe Essen and DVS have international welding and cutting events also in 2007. Beijing Essen Welding is an annual event, Essen Welding India will take place in February 2007 and Essen Welding Russia will give its premiere in May 2007.