A programme which sets out the next steps to develop the UK hydrogen (H2) vehicle market has launched – and will provide up to £23m of new grant funding until 2020 to support the growth of refuelling infrastructure alongside the deployment of new vehicles.

Hydrogen for Transport (HTP) was launched by the Office for Low Emission Vehicle (OLEV) and will provide funding via an open competition for both H2 refuelling stations and H2 fuel cell vehicles.

The programme has two primary objectives; to increase the number of publicly accessible H2 refuelling stations and to increase the number of fuel cell powered electric vehicles on UK roads.

It will be supported in two stages:

Stage one will commit up to £9m to 50:50 match fund around seven H2 refuelling stations to be completed in 2018/2019, plus captive fleets. Funding will commence in November 2017.

Stage two will commit up to £14m to fund up to ten H2 refuelling stations plus captive fleets and will begin in December 2018, subject to market developments over stage one.

The funding will allow additional larger capacity H2 refuelling stations to be built, whilst optimising the utilisation of these and existing stations by providing funding to support the purchase of vehicle fleets that can be refuelled at all H2 stations.